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Boost Your Fun on an E-Bike

Power up with a practical new ride. Electric bikes, also called e-bikes or electric assist bicycles, are human-powered bicycles with integrated electric motors to provide a cyclist with additional power and speed.

The latest generation of electric bicycles feature lightweight, removable, rechargeable batteries, making them easy, practical and fun to use in a variety of settings. This style of bicycle is wildly popular in Europe and is one of the fastest growing segments of bicycles in the US because they make cycling more approachable and are really fun to ride.

Is an Electric Bike a Good Fit for You?

Daily Commuter

Daily Commuter
You ride to work, day in and day out. You love the time that you spend on your bike, but you’d love to arrive at work a little faster and a little less sweaty. You would like a little extra help carrying life’s necessities to and from work.

Shop Commuter E-Bikes

Recreational Rider

Recreational Rider
You enjoy being outdoors and spending quality time with your friends and family. But, you’d enjoy your rides even more with a little assistance on those bigger hills or when the wind kicks up. You’d ride a lot more if it was just a little easier.

Shop Recreational E-Bikes

Eco Cyclist

Eco Cyclist
You want to use your bike more and your car less for your daily tasks, but it just seems easier to hop in the car rather than ride your bike for errands. If you could ride a little faster and and haul groceries easier, you’d definitely prefer to go by bike.

Shop Eco-Friendly E-Bikes

Active Adult

Active Adult
You love being active and exploring but struggle with a bike’s physical demands. Whether it's due to physical limitations, fitness level, or age, you need an extra boost. You want a bike that's comfortable, dependable, and fun.

Shop Active E-Bikes

Trek Electric Bikes


Trek’s line of e-bikes don’t disappoint with their smooth, predictable power, long-lasting and easy-to-charge batteries, and comfortable balance. These bikes feature an advanced motor that allows for a very natural-feeling electric boost while you pedal, and hydraulic disc brakes ensure that you stay in control of your ride. Trek’s line of e-bikes are the perfect combination of fun and practicality.


True to form, Specialized’s line of electric bicycles boast iconic stability and classic styling. Their powerful motors provide a smooth boost that help you erase hills without robbing you of the experience of riding a real bike. With batteries that charge easily in a standard outlet, you can plug in anywhere for a quick boost to get you rolling. Specialized’s line of e-bikes are bold, fun, and functional.

Specialized Electric Bikes
Gazelle Electric Bikes


Based in the Netherlands, Royal Dutch Gazelle is known for their royal heritage and striking, ingenious design. Their line of electric bicycles is no exception, as is apparent in their sleek styling, ultra-light weight, and robust quality. Extensive warranties, indestructible paint, and quality materials will give you peace of mind knowing you’ve invested in a ride that will last.


German engineering, powerful drives, and modern technology keep Kalkhoff as a frontrunner in the European e-bike race. Their seamless integration and high-end design are balanced with excellent performance to blur the lines between luxury and utility. With some of the most powerful yet silent batteries and motors available, Kalkhoff’s focus on functionality and fun wins them awards year after year.

Kalkhoff Electric Bikes
GoCycle Electric Bikes


Gocycle provides the best of two worlds with their innovative folding electric bikes. Ultra portable and compact, these e-bikes are streamlined with more integrated technology than any other bike in their class. Their lithium battery can help you cover up to 40 miles on a charge, which you can monitor with the help of the GocycleConnect App. A unique design and quality features help to round out these unique rides.


Urban portability and utility are at the core of Tern’s line of folding electric bikes. In addition to these core features, Tern also takes pride in producing bicycles that ride and handle like the best city bikes on the market. With room to tote your everyday essentials, these bikes provide the helpful boost you need to get up any hill that gets in your way. Functional yet stylish, Tern will add a smile to any commute or errand.

Tern Electric Bikes


Known for creating some of the world's finest electric bikes, Faraday produces rides that perfectly balance style with technology. Their lightweight design makes them easier to tote than any other e-bike and three riding modes allow you to select the perfect amount of pedal-assist. Stylish accessories, integrated safety features, and powerful tech will keep you commuting or cruising with a smile.

Faraday Electric Bikes
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