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Indoor training sessions designed and coached by Cycling Coach, Kurt Begemann.  These sessions are specifically designed to get you physically and mentally prepared for the 2016 cycling season.   Whether you are a competitive racer, or a recreational rider who wants to get stronger and faster, these classes will get you to Spring 2016 in the best shape of your life. 

During the course we're going to talk cycling, cycling, and more cycling, including offering some answers as to why cycling products are designed a certain way, whom they are designed for, and how you can benefit from them.  These "mini clinics," along with tutorials on cycling etiquette, and the "do's and don'ts" of cycling (which are all part of these classes) is the Cycle Loft's way of helping you develop into a more complete and well educated consumer and cyclist.


Cycle Loft, Middlesex Commons, 43 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA, 01803.


Athletes sign up for sessions one month at a time, or see discounted package deals below. Classes begin at 8am sharp and run until 10:00am. (Classes can be purchased individually, but space is limited and these must be booked in advance with Kurt Begemann specifically at 781-462-5633 or These Winter Training Sessions will focus mainly on developing endurance and perfecting pedaling techniques, with shorter periods of intensity compared to the "weekly" training sessions held during the week.  Space is limited to only 18 riders per Saturday session.  As the springtime approaches, intensity and workload in these sessions will increase; each month of classes builds upon the prior month's classes.


Saturdays:  from 8:00am - 10:00 am (doors open at 7:40am and are locked at 8 a.m.)

December Dates: 05, 12, 19 and Jan 02

January Dates:  09, 16, 23 and 30

February Dates: 06, 13, 20 and 27

March Dates: 05, 12, 19 and 26


Option #1, Purchased by the class:  $25.00 per class. (if space allows.)

Option #2, Purchased by the month:  $90.00 for 4 professionally coached 2-hour training sessions.  December, January, February, & March $90.00 each for the four, 2-hour sessions.

Option #3, Purchase all 4 months: $320.00, for 16 professionally coached 2-hour training sessions, December through March. 


Bring your own trainer or rollers, along with your bike and be prepared to work hard for 2 hours of specific training that will cover all systems needed to improve your cycling performance.  Bring a towel, 2 water bottles and a dry set of clothes to go home in!


1.        Sign up for class by contacting Kurt Begemann or 781-462-5633, or Jeff Palter or 781-272-0870.

2.       Read our waiver (which we'll send to you,) sign off on it, and bring it to your first class.  If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, please get a letter from your doctor stating that you can participate in these classes. (Please note that you will not be allowed to participate without a signed waiver.)

3.       Take a complete break from cycling during the first two weeks in October so that you can physically and mentally recover from the 2015 season and you can begin class fresh and enthusiastic. Use the last two weeks in October to informally reacquaint yourself with your bike and get 3 or 4 rides in per week before gearing up for structured training in November.

4.       If you don't already have one, purchase a cycling computer WITH CADENCE and have it installed on your bike.  (Cycle Loft has Cateye Strada computers with cadence for $50.00)

5.       Make sure your bike is in good condition, tuned up and ready to go BEFORE the first day of class.  (The coach is there to work the class...not to work on your bike.)

For more info on our individual coaching programs and Kurt Begemann, please go to and click on the "Coaching and Training" link on the navigation bar.  We look forward to working with you.  KB


Winter Indoor Training Frequently Asked Questions

1 ) Why do I need a Cadence Computer?

Specific cadences (revolutions per minute/RPM), form the basis of all structured workouts.  Understanding cadence and the benefits of different cadences, allows you to become a more efficient cyclist.  We will be monitoring cadence during every session.

2 ) I’ve heard that the best way to train is with Power. Is this imperative?

Training with a power meter is the best way to monitor gains and train specific parts of your engine. You can also monitor execution, overtraining, and peaking by following power files. If you have the ability to train with a power device, it is indeed a highly effective and efficient tool and during class you will receive valuable tips on using your power device. That being said, using a power meter is not required. 

3 ) Can I swap classes, for instance a Wednesday for a Thursday if I have to?

Classes sell out at 18 people per class, and space is limited, therefore the general answer is no, one may not swap classes. Athletes set up in their same positions every class and newer riders coming in tend to disrupt class flow and create imbalance. Classes are also structured with a day “OFF” in between classes to facilitate recovery. Doing back-to-back classes or missing an extra day between workouts is not conducive to proper training. If you’re serious about your training, we suggest that you commit to the entire program.

4 ) If I miss the session, can I get the work out to do at home?

We will not be able to provide the class workout for home use in the event of a missed session. We liken this missing a workout at a yoga studio—it would be quite difficult to give someone their yoga workout on a handout to do at home; this would not make for an effective use of the training program. Kurt offers personal coaching services to those that would like to train at alternate times than are being offered. Please contact him at 

5 ) Why do you discourage riders from joining after January 1st?

The Winter Indoor Training curriculum is a progressive curriculum and builds in intensity over the entire course. One month follows, on work done during the previous month, and a stack effect takes place to foster strength growth and adaptation.  By January, we also begin some difficult interval sessions, and starting these without a good base of easy riding could potentially result in injury. When one chooses to start in January, the riders is now effectively two months behind the program in terms of fitness as well as understanding the daily training protocols—there are no shortcuts in a proper training regimen.  One will also reach a compromised level of fitness during the season by jumping in midstream, as it were.

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