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Brompton Links:

--Brompton Paint Configurator

--Brompton Bespoke Build Format

--Brompton 2013 Sneek Peek Update

Brompton folding bicycles are ultra convenient!

The Brompton folding bicycle was designed to increase people’s independence and freedom. And this concept is still at the heart of everything Brompton does. The Brompton folding bicycle has a superb ride, is safe, stable, agile and folds easily into a compact and portable package. And you won't give a second thought to all the great riding you can do. Brompton bicycles are strong and transmit your pedal power directly through a hand-brazed steel frame and large, stable wheelbase. From cross-country tours to strenuous urban commuting, your Brompton will do it all. Take a peek at the most recent Brompton Catalog. Made in West London, Englandone at a time.

Presently (as 07/17/2013,) we have these bikes on hand:

  • 2013 S2E White {demo}


          • 2013 M3L-X Cobalt Blue-Son Dyno
          • 2013 M6L Black-Shimano Dyno
          • 2013 M6L Cobalt
          • 2013 M3L Orange
          • 2013 M3L Black

          On order:

          • 2013 H3L Raw Lacquer

          Brompton & Carradice Luggage: (as 07/17/2013,) we have these bags on hand:

          • Carradice City Folder (black, green)
          • Brompton C bag (black)
          • Brompton B bag (black)
          • Bropton T bag (black)
          • Brompton O bag (black, waterproof)
          • Brompton folding basket (black)
          • Brompton S bag (black)
          • Brompton Mini-O bag (light blue)

          Stock options not your thing? Brompton offers a a comptely custom bespoke ordering process. Check out the Paint Configuator. We have about a 4-5 week wait time for a custom original Bespoke order. If you want to learn more or just decipher the Brompton code, feel free to stop by or email:

          When folded, a Brompton stays locked together, making an extremely compact package that’s only a little larger than its wheels. And you can carry your folded bicycle with one hand like a lightweight suitcase using the frame or saddle as a handle—or use the built-in roller wheels to roll it along. The folded package may be picked up without any risk that the bike will unfold and with no projections or loose parts to worry about. All very reassuring when running for a train or taking a seat in a classroom. The fold is designed to keep vulnerable parts, like lights and cables, out of harm's way and a greasy chain and gears away from clothing and luggage. There are quite a number of variations and iterations for your Brompton—we have bikes on hand for you to demo before you make one a permanent part of your life. Please email to set up your demonstration appointment.

          Take a quick peek at Andrew Ritchey, Brompton's founder, riding and folding a Brompton.

          Brompton bicycles go where you go!


          We have the saddle cover, B Bag, C bag, T bag, O bag black, Mini O bag in blue, and S bag in stock. There are so many iterations and variations of this innovative and compact design that is just somehow SO British with all of its nuances. You’ll also find the Brompton tote bags for transporting your bicycle by plane, train, or boat to be of great convenience too. Imagine not having to lock a bicycle outside anymore. Imagine not having to pay attention to the "rules" of when you can or cannot take a bicycle on the T, commuter rail, or Amtrak? You’ll never think twice about bringing your bike on destination trips—it’ll be right there with you!


          Full instructions for folding and unfolding, with diagrams, are given in the Owner Manual but these are the basic steps.

          1. Unclamp and fold back the front wheel - the right hand pedal should be moved out of the way if necessary - and hook onto the rear frame
          2. Unclamp and lower the handlebars and saddle, and stow the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order after step 2


          1. Raise and clamp the saddle and handlebar, and unfold the folding pedal; these items can be dealt with in any order, but they must be unfolded before moving on to step 2
          2. Unfold and clamp front wheel; the bike is now parked
          3. Lift up the rear end of the bike - a little flick is usually the most effective method - to swing the rear wheel out; the bike is ready to ride

          The key to understanding the fold of the Brompton is the seat pillar: it is the seat pillar which locks the folded package together by projecting down from the main frame preventing the rear frame from rotating, which in turn prevents the front wheel from swinging free. If the seat pillar is visible below the main frame, do not try to park or unpark the Brompton, and do not try to hook or unhook the front wheel from the rear frame. Similarly, if the seat pillar is not fully down, the folded package may fall open when the bike is picked up.

          Folding a Brompton bicycle becomes second nature.

          If you've ever thought of riding a bicycle wherever you may be or want to go, then you simply must see and ride a Brompton for yourself. Personal Transport. Freedom. Made in London, Englandone at a time.


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